Thursday, December 6, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Decides To Further Expand Its Huge North Carolina Fuel Cell Farm

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has taken the decision of more than doubling the size of its fuel cell project that is located at its data centre in North Carolina. This would make it the largest of its kind that is not owned by a utility. eBay was possessing the honor for some time.

The Charlotte Observer was the first one to report this news. Bloom Energy, the fuel cell provider is installing 50 bloom boxes at the location in Maiden city that will generate 10 MW of electricity. Apple had been initially generating a 4.8 MW fuel cell project at this location. 

The 4.8 MW portion of the location has been up and under experimentation since October, as per Apple and the company is expecting the entire 10 MW to be installed and on the internet by January of 2013. Apple has filed to increase the size of the project the previous month. However, filings about the price of the project were kept under the wraps.

When completed, Apple’s fuel cell farm will be the largest in the crowd that is not possessed by a utility. eBay is also involved in building a large fuel cell farm for a data centre. With Apple doubling the project, it has now taken the lead.

A few interesting facts about the project has come to light through the latest filings. Apple is planning to sell the power from the fuel cells to Duke Energy. This implies that Apple would not necessarily be using the fuel cell energy onsite to control the data centre. The fuel cells will implement biogas. Apple would be able to bring in money by selling the power and related Renewable Energy Credits to Duke. It is not yet clear whether Apple will be selling the power from its solar farm to Duke Energy.

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