Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Google Puts The Blame On LG For Serious Shortage Of Nexus 4

It would not be wrong to say that Google’s Nexus 4 has been a complete debacle till date. Apart from an awful online ordering system, shortage of supply and a complete lack of communication from Google, the would-be owners of the Nexus 4 are left with only one option – losing their temper completely.

Google has sensed the rising anger and is now offering its frustrated customers a better explanation for all the things that have gone wrong.

To start with, it has put the blame on LG. Managing Director of Google, Dan Cobley has stated on his Google+ page that supplies from the manufacturer are limited and inconsistent. Also, the communications have been inconsistent.

Well, this does not really surprise anyone. It has been clear since the beginning that neither LG nor Google has properly predicted how much demand the Nexus 4 would attract. Google has clearly become a victim of its own success here.

Cobley said that there are a number of Nexus 4 orders that have been fulfilled. This implies that, theoretically, the orders should be delivered before Christmas.

However, the most surprising thing about the whole scenario is that Google is at the focus. A company that excels at just about everything it puts its finger on, it comes as a surprise is to see Google so incompetent in something that the majority of hardware companies have somewhat got a grip on. Google may be great in designing software, but the company surely has a lot to learn when it comes to understanding the hardware world.

Cobley’s complete response to Nexus 4 users said that the company is working day and night on resolving the issues that have cropped up. He also said that the company is positive about sharing some good news very soon. 

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