Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vringo, Inc. (AMEX:VRNG) Files Another Case Against ZTE

Vringo, Inc. (NYSEAMEX:VRNG) has filed another lawsuit against ZTE in the United Kingdom.
Vringo is a company that is involved in development, monetization and innovation of mobile technologies and intellectual property. It has claimed that its entirely owned subsidiary, Vringo Infrastructure has filed an extra patent violation case against ZTE Corporation.

The litigation has been filed in the UK High Court of Justice. It accuses ZTE of infringing European Patents 1,186,119, 1,330,933, and 1,221,212.

As per the litigation, Vringo has sought for a declaration that its patents have been infringed by the activities of ZTE and that the Court uses its completely legal, injunctive and equitable power to prevent ZTE’s operations that may seem inappropriate in the situation.

Head of Litigation, Licensing and Intellectual Property at Vringo, David Cohen has said that the second UK case has been filed in October. It is part of Vringo’s licensing and enforcement program. This involves 3 more patents associated with infrastructure. Additionally, one of the patents includes a technology that may also be used in a few handsets. The patents include basic aspects of network operation. The 3 patents involved in the lawsuit are part of Vringo’s telecom portfolio. There may be additional enforcement actions later. Cohen said that ZTE has no license under the patents from Vringo’s portfolio. The company would invite ZTE in requesting a license from Vringo. In case ZTE doe not agree to a license with Vringo, the latter will ask the court for suitable respite.

It was last month when Vringo had won its patent infringement suit against Google and it was awarded $30 million for damages.

ZTE touts that is a top global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. It has reported yearly revenue amounting to $13.7 billion, as per filings with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. As per public filings of ZTE, the company generates its revenue mainly from the sale of telecommunications handsets and equipment.

Shares of the company slumped 6.53% to $3.15.

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