Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Intel’s Internet TV Set-Top Box Delayed due to Content Negotiations

Wall Street Journal has some interesting news to report – speculations have already been doing the rounds for sometime that Intel is planning to launch its own television set-top box, but negotiations with content providers are delaying Intel’s plans significantly to take over your living room.

Sources familiar with the matter have told the Wall Street Journal that Intel Corporation(NASDAQ:INTC)’s plans were to introduce a television set-top box by the end of the year 2012, which would reportedly allow consumers to subscribe to television channels over the web. But the timing is quite dicey now, as Intel could launch that product in the middle of this year or in the fourth quarter. The reasons for this uncertainty are the content deals, which are taking long to come through.

Speculations about Intel venturing into the TV set-top box business have been around since March 2012, right after the company moved away from providing chipsets for Google TV devices and the geek-friendly Boxee Box. Some reports have also suggested that Intel might debut its set-top box at the CES next week, but it seems improbable as of now.

As mentioned above, the blame for the delay and uncertainty solely rests on the prolonged content agreements. Google TV had plenty of potential at launch with its ability to combine traditional TV service with web video, but broadcast networks were quick to block GTV devices from their websites and Hulu (which is owned by several networks). Till date, there is still no official Hulu app for Google TV or for devices from Boxee. Apple has faced content issues too, as it took Apple TV a long time to get a Hulu app and maybe this is why there aren’t too many apps available on Apple TV.

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