Thursday, August 9, 2012

Amazon.com, Inc.( AMZN) Enters The Gaming Market, Is It A Threat To Zynga (ZNGA) And EA?

There is good news for game-enthusiasts. Amazon.com, Inc.(NASDAQ:AMZN) has off late launched its Amazon Game Studios that makes it evident that the company has rich connections and reach-outs in the US.

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People may come up with a common question that why did Amazon think of making an entry in the social gaming market. This particular question has been answered through a blogpost by Game Studio. The blog said several users of Amazon.com enjoy playing games, especially free social games. Amazon believes that it can deliver quality gaming experience to potential gamers among its users. It plans on providing accessible games to its customers that can be played at any time.

This Tuesday, we saw Amazon launching a new game called ‘Living Classics’ on Facebook. Zynga, an archrival in gaming for Amazon also uses Facebook to enhance its popularity among game enthusiasts. Amazon debut in the gaming industry was a tribute to all its major services as a seller of digital books. it mentioned in the blog post that players help in reuniting the foxes by discovering illustrated scenes and spotting moving entities.

As per an analyst, Amazon, based in Seattle, has the capital and the online influence to take over the online gaming industry. Amazon is a threat not only to Zynga Inc(NASDAQ:ZNGA), but also Electronic Arts Inc.(NASDAQ:EA). From the investment site 247Wallst.com, Douglas McIntyre said that Amazon has the power that is required to monopolize a market within a short span of time. Zynga has strong reasons to feel the pressure and so has the whole gaming industry.

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In terms of popularity, Facebook is ruling the online gaming market at present. Zynga is still on the lookout to establish itself as a sole platform, without Facebook. It is predicted to be a tough competition with all the names involved. It will be interesting to see how each one of the competitors play the game. 

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