Thursday, August 9, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Opens up Subscription Payment System to All Developers

Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) has now introduced the subscription payments system to all its developers, including Zynga, as it feels that this option will enable the developers to offer superior experiences and better, fresh content.

With the subscription system developers can get in customers on regular subscription basis rather than on the present system of buying virtual credits.

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This move is being seen as an attempt by Facebook to boost revenues which have been seeing declining growth. The payments revenue system especially has been stagnating from late last year. The company is now left with ad revenue to drive revenues but even that is under threat with more users accessing Facebook on their mobile devices.

The new subscription system will take the same 30 percent commission that is available on Google Play or the Apple Store.

Users of Facebook's gaming applications can pay for their subscriptions through credit cards or PayPal. Developers can even offer them free trials for a limited period of time. Subscriptions can be cancelled either through Facebook's own payment system or from within the app itself.

It remains to be seen how this decision pans out for the social networking site, which has added gambling to its revenue stream.

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On Tuesday the company said that it would offer online gambling - Bingo for now - in countries where gambling is legally allowed. It has started with the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday, in a filing to the SEC, the company said that shifting to mobile ad revenues would crimp its growth as mobile ads are cheaper compared to traditional display ads.

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  1. I think we have to appreciate facebook owner. He is very ambitious. He wants to make more and more money quick. May be if he introduces a new product which he may do soon by cheeting some one as he did before (I feel, In my opinion, he may be philanthropist, but he never proved himself to be trust worthy and cheated the very people who supported and trusted him for money. The past may repeat again), and may be with 2 products that time he may even quote the company for 1000 billion dollor and if he introduces, another product, he may even aim for 100000 dollor company or more, and i guess there are still innocent people to buys such stocks. As the history repeats, Mobile App trend can anytime time change, and facebook is the aim of making maximum money before trend changes. The sufferers are only those who invested. Long live some one.


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