Friday, August 3, 2012

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) Announces New Network Security Product Line

John Grady, IDC analyst said that the all new IBM XGS 5000 security appliance product line is intended on continuing the advancement of infringement prevention systems. He also mentioned that some firewalls have made it clear that there is a requirement of dealing with integrated malware when we are using web features like Facebook. International Business Machines Corp.(NYSE:IBM) line takes this to the next step.

These days, employees are constantly using the web at workplaces. IT departments are required to go that extra mile to protect their systems against constantly developing malware. IBM declared a new segment of network security systems that are believed to help control such risks.

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The new line of IBM security products are described by the company as the next gen intrusion prevention device. The product line will offers simplified interface and rather granular view of security conditions. Users will be able to see what applications are being used on a specific computer network, the websites that people are visiting, etc. The system will also provide the power of controlling such activities, including security against ‘zero day’ abuses.

The first device of this all new product like is the IBM Security Netwrork Protection XGS 5000. This device uses core features that are found in IBM’s Security Netwrok Intrusion Prevention System. It will provide 2.5 GBPS throughput and will be capable of operating on as many as 8 network modules.

Overall strategy followed by XGS 5000 is to explore what all are being accessed and identify any sort of misuse and henceforth implement applicable policies. The device will be available by the third quarter. It incorporates the universal threat intelligence from IBM’s X-Force Research and includes a specialized Web Filter database having more than 15 million web addresses recorded.

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In the opinion of General Manager of IBM’s Security Systems Division, Brendan Hannigan, with the steady increase in targeted attacks and adoption of technologies like social media and clouds, companies need to take help of new approaches.

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