Monday, August 27, 2012

Microsoft (MSFT), Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) Will Benefit from a Samsung Sales Ban

In the event that the federal court in San Jose decides to ban sale of Samsung phones in the United States, the immediate beneficiaries of that would be Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) and Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT).

The ban on Samsung would have an effect not just on the company's sales but also all other Android devices. Companies like HTC and LG that run on the Android software with features that look similar to Apple's iPhones will have to do a re-think of their strategies.

This will give the Nokia-Microsoft combine to get ahead with their own products and fill the temporary void.

Analysts feel that handset makers, which now partner with Android, may now turn to Windows mobile operating platforms.

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With Apple trying to loosen Android's grip in the smartphone market, and filing suits against OEMs like HTC Corp, LG and others, they may find it safer to ally themselves with Windows.

Nokia is in a better position to benefit immediately from the ban as the company has lined up its suite of smartphones to be realised early next month.

The Finnish handset maker's Lumia series is receiving good response and the Lumia 900 has been compared to Apple's iPhone in many respects and superior to Samsung products. In fact during the trial against Samsung, Apple lawyers did bring i Nokia's phones to try and prove a point that original phones could be designed without having to copy them.

Microsoft, which will soon be releasing its own Surface tablets, is also in an advantageous position. It already has a record of winning patent cases against Android users such Motorola Mobility. It got orders enforced in Germany to ban the sale of some Motorola devices and to restrict its imports in the U.S.

Like Apple, Microsoft also has a strong patents team that makes sure that its intellectual property rights are protected.

Allying themselves with Microsoft will ensure equipment makers protection from legal disputes.

Shares of NOK soared 9% to $3.37 and MSFT jumped 0.65% to $30.76.

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