Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL): Unlocking the new Apple iPhone5 has now become easier

The jubilant news was confirmed on Wednesday. The Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone5s which were purchased from AT&T, paid in full freight, without a contract, could be unlocked fairly easily without the hassles which the unlocking procedure previously came with. The phones can now be unlocked through a simple procedure through the iTunes reset.

This process was first discovered by TechCrunch, and the whole process is far easier than the earlier, troublesome method of an online form submission, faxing letters, and waiting for a week for a restore procedure. TechCrunch, along with AT&T technical support, showed the one-step procedure through which the unlocking could be done.

After following the restore settings in the iTunes, the user will get a prompt message for the unlocking and in order to gain access to T-Mobile’s network, one will simply have to trim down their SIM cards which are compatible, in order to fit into the nano SIM tray provided by the phone. Calls as well as EDGE data will immediately filter through.

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This procedure seems to be much simpler, and the discovery has certainly made TechCrunch very popular.
The Handset’s EMIE code, according to sources, gets registered into the Apple Database when one buys the phone. This is important, because the process does not apply to phones which have been bought at subsidized prices, or under a contract. Also, pre-ordered phones were not getting unlocked through this process. This may be exclusively available to the criteria mentioned before, but TechCrunch is still checking out the other variables and options through which these limitations apply, or don’t apply to some of the iPhone5s.

Romien Dillet, who works for the publication, wrote about the process, providing easy-to-follow steps, but he also mentioned how it was limited to only certain kinds of phones. Verizon, it was said, was shipping unlocked phones for GSM networks earlier.

Despite the limitations, however, it will make quite a few of the new users very happy with the hassle-free process of unlocking, which will allow them to use other networks to keep in touch with people. 


  1. Buy the Samsung galaxy s3 over the i5 and get a better phone, expandable memory easy battery change more power, better screen....etc..and best of all no itunes software headache, yey!!!

  2. Buy a Samsung Galaxy s3 and get a better phone than an Apple i5. Better processor, better screen, expandable memory, easy battery replacement....etc...and best of all no itunes crappy software to deal with, yey.

  3. I will never buy Galaxy phone again.

  4. Don't be stupid, and hut the gs3, before I beat you with a whip

  5. I am on my 3rd Samsung S2. The other two died. Oh and the reason I got the S2 was my 2 Vibrants broke. I can't wait until my contract is up. I will try an Iphone.


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