Thursday, September 27, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to clamp down on the fake stuff

The social-networking site has recently launched an internal drive to clean itself of all the fake ‘likes’, as well as the faux accounts in their site. The plan has already been put into action, with a number of pages having lost large numbers of Likes. And according to the site, they have just begun. Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) has decided to clean itself of all the fake accounts and likes, as well as the bot-boosted numbers on brand pages. They say that this will help keep a more realistic account of how much popularity the pages are really gaining, and will also help the creators keep a realistic tab of how people are responding to them.

Page Data now shows a substantial decrease in the number of likes which certain pages have gathered. There are also sites which get paid-for likes as well as bot-boosted likes. Plus, there are also faux accounts being created for various intents and purposes.  Pages such as those of Justin Bieber and Farmville have seen major declines after the drive began.

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Facebook is saying that apart from bragging-rights, the increased number of likes is not helpful to anyone. This drive will help the admins of the pages keep a more realistic check of how well they might be doing. The decrease in likes for a page may actually lead to substantial growth hereafter, since people can be more productive in actually promoting their pages and getting real people to like them, instead of boosting their egos through fake likes. Any future buying of likes or fake likes will also not be accepted anymore.
This will lead to a clearer and cleaner brand advertising and promotion for the owners of the pages. What most of them do not realize is that their popularity amongst actual people will not really grow according to the number of likes they may have amassed through dubious methods. The drive is a positive one, which will give people a clearer, more transparent sense of what numbers the brands are really gathering. The drive can have only positive effects, and not many seem to be cribbing about these changes. 

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