Monday, September 24, 2012

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)’s ‘Device Targeting’ Lets Developers To Modify APKs

Device Targeting was explained by Amazon.com, Inc.(NASDAQ:AMZN) about a feature that allows developers to custom-tailor the Android application package to particular Amazon gadgets, namely the different version of the Kindle Fire. This will let developers to create different code for the device as well as general Android devices that are not manufactured by Amazon. The code can be optimized for resolution and screen size, API version and OpenGL compressions format.

Amazon also comes to conclusion that this option will allow developers to have enhanced search relevancy on Google Play and other digital storefronts as page views, downloads and reviews will be merged to a single app. This will result in less confusion among customers.

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The VersionName for each APK will be kept the same within an instance of an app, as per the statement of Amazon. However, the VersionCode must be exclusive to each version.

Amazon is keeping up its efforts to take its e-book stores sand Kindle e-readers to new and broader territories. Next on the line is Japan.

As per Japanese business publication Nikkei, Amazon is planning on starting sales of elnk e-reader and e-books through a Japan-based Kindle Store in starting of October. The original release was initially planned for September, but it got delayed due to some problems related to supply.

Amazon is likely to experience competition from e-readers manufactured by Casio, Kouziro and Sony. Kobo was bought by a Japanese e-commerce company, Rakuten in 2011. It launched an e-book store and a touch-controlled e-reader in July. The e-reader in question is priced at about $100 in USD. It is not yet clear as to how Amazon will set the price of its e-reader in the country. A standard Kindle is priced at $69 in the US, $128 in France and $126 in India.

No representative from Amazon could be reached for a comment on this matter. 

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