Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Review: Get the iOS 6 Upgrade Instead of the iPhone 5

With the release of Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone 5, comparisons, praises, and occasional criticisms have been all over the place. But if the smartphone is considered from a cost-benefit angle, the only improvement that stands out is the iOS 6 upgrade that is available for all iPhones, completely free of cost.

In fact it is being said that one should not be in a hurry in exchanging their old iPhone for the new one without giving it a thought. Unless someone does not own a smartphone or an iPhone, it is better to stick to the iPhone model that you were previously using and get the software upgrade rather than ordering an iPhone 5.

As far as the larger screen and faster processor is concerned, previous models of the iPhone did a great job in that area as well. With the advent of iOS 6, you can make use of Apple’s new mapping app, which will give detailed and turn-by-turn directions on your phone.

Yes, there was an issue regarding the sharing of content by different users before the iOS 6 update. The process was slightly tedious as one had to navigate through a social networking app and then select the photo from the phone’s album. With the new upgrade, sharing has been made much easier via a brand new share button, Siri, or Notification Center.

Apple’s iOS 6 also has better privacy features by letting users turn of useless notifications and only allowing important alerts. The voice recognition software, Siri, has also been improved, and there is a Passbook app to keep tabs on passes, tickets, and cards. Users can now check which app is accessing their data. Since Apple’s USP has always been their software, it is advisable to get the software upgrade rather than purchase the iPhone 5 because there is nothing extraordinary about it.

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