Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) seeks software engineers to improve the Maps application

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) has been on the look-out for able software engineers who will help with the development and improvement of the new Maps App which has panned worldwide, since the release of the iOS6 on Wednesday. The company is seeking out able people who will be managing the development, as well as the real-time rendering along with the overall upgrade of the application.

Apple has put up job listings for software engineers capable of drawing and designing 3D software models as well as the mesh generation of terrains. Along with posts for these responsibilities, the company is also looking to hire for road-rendering in C++ settings.

The release of the iOS Maps was met with raised eyebrows, and the critical acclaim for the application has been far from positive. But Apple is still hopeful of the reception by people after the improvements have been made. The company wants to retain an iOS Map Team for the iOS framework called MapKit, which is responsible for the display maps used by many applications contained in the App Store.

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The mapping service will also require attention-grabbing, dynamic label -layouts for roads, along with the labels for interesting places, amongst other labels. The Three Map Display team requires work on real-time rendering as well as a certain amount of innovation. Apart from that, the general maintenance is also a factor and performance bottlenecks also need to be fixed by a separate software engineer specially employed for this purpose.

The nascent mapping application may have generated a lot of bad publicity, but Apple is on the look-out for employees to tackle the various loopholes in the system, and make it a viable application for users. The company is looking for people who will innovate and who will bring about perfection to the system. The company has not lost hope on the iOS6 mapping application and the Map Apps are being worked on, to make them more dynamic and attractive. The job listings seek people who will be able to achieve exactly these goals, while ensuring the smooth-running of the software at all times. 

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