Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Unsuccessfully Tries To Bring Down Samsung and Motorola

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) may have won a billion dollars as damage compensation in a lawsuit against Samsung in the U.S, but Apple seems to be having no such luck with the German jury. On Thursday, the Mannheim Regional Court ruled against Apple and did not agree to the company’s claim regarding the Android devices infringing upon the company’s patent with respect to multitouch devises and how they handle the ‘touch events’.

The court declared that Samsung and Motorola, the companies against whom Apple had pressed charges, were not guilty of infringement at all. The two companies claimed that Android does not possess a multi-touch flag in each and every UI window. This was against the claim by Apple by bringing out its European patent, for a Touch event model. They fought on the basis of how a device’s software acknowledges or ignores touch events which is very important a factor for the system supporting multitouch.

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Apple has not been looked upon very favorably by the German court event during previous trials and Florian Mueller from FOSS Patent brought to attention, the fact that Samsung fought well for the case, and as a result, it was obvious that they would come out victorious. Judge Andrea Voss, who had been the head of the Panel, had agreed with the defense, namely, Samsung and Motorola. Samsung had put forward its objections regarding Apple’s suggestion that they cover the legal fees for Samsung. This forced the former to move to the next level of hearings.

HTC also won a fight against Apple in the High Court of England and Wales when the court decided that Apple’s IP was invalid. The European patent the company asserted in the case of the trial in Germany was EP2098948 but the judge ruled against the claims made by the company.

What with cutting-edge technology being introduced every other day, and smartphones trying to outdo one another, all the big brands are fighting tooth and nail to try and gain one up over one another. Apple, HTC, Motorola and Samsung are all big companies, vying for the top-most spot when it comes to the best smartphone in the market.

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  1. Bring down Apple, coz they are being unfair!


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