Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Would Be In Special Focus Tomorrow, Shares Turn Lower

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is finally all geared up to release the iPhone 5. The newest smartphone, iPhone 5 has been the talk of the town since nearly a year now. We are just a couple of days away from seeing what the smartphone has to offer. The iPhone 5 will be released at a major Apple event scheduled to be on 12th September. Users can preorder iPhone 5 on 12th September after its announcement.

Even if users want to preorder iPhone 5, it would not be possible before 21st September. It has been confirmed through AT&T and Verizon that instore iPhone 5 release date will be 21st September.

Once Apple announces iPhone 5 on 12th September, their online shop will upgrade listing the product. Even though it is a matter of just a few days from the event, there are several speculations regarding the much-talked-about Apple event.

An iPhone repair shop in Japan, iLab claims to have knowledge about iPhone 5. It has published photos. There have been concept images of iPhone 5.

The most important update to the iPhone 5 is a new iPhone connector and a larger screen. This is huge news as Apple’s chargers will no longer be working across devices. Also, a larger iPhone screen has been wished by users since a long time.

The latest speculations include a one with a centered front facing camera. Also, there seems to be possibility of Near Field Communication controllers that will be directly connected to the Power Management Unit. The next spec change is having 4G LTE compatibility for the iPhone 5. Most Android phones use 4G network, so this venture makes good sense. Then there is a quad core processor and updated chipset. A potential 3D camera for the iPhone is also being rumored about. All such rumors will have their answers after the release of iPhone 5.

Shares of AAPL turned lower after showing strength throughout the day and were recently down 0.62% to $658.81, off session high of $670.10. 

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  1. An Apple a day helps you work rest and play!

    Good luck Apple with your release tomorrow of a new member of the family, another apple to keep us hopefully out of trouble and more healthy.

    May you continue with the success you deserve, and snow that it is not greed that drives you forward but the wish to give us all the best Apples that we deserve. The better the Apple the higher the price...



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