Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) Releases Updates for Drive Apps For iOS And Android

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has upgraded the Android and iOS applications for its cloud storage service, Drive. This gives users more functionality for creating, editing, organizing and uploading files.
Till this time, the iOS Drive only allowed users to view Google document word processing files. The new version will have the ability to create new word processing documents, edit the existing files, format the text and see the edits that are being made by other users in real time.

On the flipside, the Android application allows users to add and reply to comments, apart from viewing tables in Google word processing documents. In both Android and iOS Drive applications, users will be able to view Google presentation files, create folders, move files from one folder to the other and upload files.
Upcoming on the upgrade agenda is the feature that lets users of iOS and Android application the ability to edit and collaborate in real time on Google Spreadsheet files.

The Web version of Drive that is accessible through Windows, Chrome OS and Mac OS. Several features are not yet available on mobile platforms.

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets reaching new heights in enterprises, user demand for office utility applications in those mobile platforms is rising consequently. There are speculations that Microsoft may release Android and iOS versions of its office suite applications. For an instance, Microsoft already has Android and iOS versions of OneNote application.

Meanwhile, Google is seeing an opportunity to position its Docs suite. It includes the Spreadsheet, Document and Presentation cloud applications, which are alternatives for Android and iOS users.

What’s next? Google is working on adding at least two important features, native editing and real-time association for Google spreadsheets. There is no official date yet. It is believed that it will be out soon. 

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