Saturday, September 29, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB): Are You Ready To Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday On Facebook?

Want to send your friend real gifts on their birthday, instead of virtual gifts via Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)? It is simply inexcusable to just wish friends on their birthday and gift them a virtual present, when you can send a real one from a list comprising hundreds of them!

Facebook has launched Facebook Gifts, using which you can send real gifts through Interwebs. The news feed will flash birthday reminders and users can click on the link from the feed, use the service from a friend's Timeline via the "Give him/her a gift" link or click on the gift icon. Prompts for the gift can be sent to the recipient via a private message or on the friend’s Timeline.

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Payment options are flexible – you can pay in advance or after the delivery. An “unwrap” feature has been included that provides the friend with a preview of the gift that will be delivered to them a few days later. The location for delivery depends upon the recipient and they can also choose their favorite color size, or flavor. If your friend is not satisfied with the gift, Facebook offers suitable replacements of the same value.

The Gifts feature will be introduced in the US and slowly rolled out to other countries. Gift items on the list include gift cards from Starbucks, soft toys from Gund, and cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. Earlier, Facebook had ventured into the territory of virtual gifts on the Walls of friends, but it was stopped in August 2010, so that the social network could come up with something better. A Bday Gift Finder app is also available that lists gift suggestions for friends based on their preferences after analyzing a recipient’s “likes” and other information.

Shares of FB soared 6.60% to $21.66 on Friday, but still down 5.25% for the week.

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