Thursday, September 13, 2012

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) China Chief has planned to retire

The chief of General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) China, India, and Southwest Asia, Kevin Wale has decided for his retirement and accordingly he has declared his plan. His present age is 57 and he is leading team General Motor since 2005. His next man will be Bob Socia, 58, who is presently working in General Motor as the head purchase for GM social.  As per the new source of Statesman, Mr. Socia will take his responsibility from onward 1st October 2012 from China

Let’s live a few minutes in past. Kevin Wale started his career with Asia and Europe operation of General Motor since 1975, and from 2005 onward he started working as the managing Director of General Motor, China. His work style has become a legacy for most of the General Motor employees. According to Lori Arpin, the spokesperson of General motor, Wale used to spend 24x7 hours in work and he used to plan for the new business and international operation for the sales and product promotion of General Motors. Wale started his career from 25 years and he planned unique growth in the international operation of General Motors. Well after the continuous peaceful life, Wale wanted to live and count his lazy days while sitting in Australia.

Under Wale's headship, GM became a chief throughout Asian countries. During this year in China, GM's annual sales grew fabulous and it ranges from 660,000 vehicles in 2005 and 2.5 million in the year 2011, accordingly to the company.

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Socia has bestowed effort with General Motors in all regions round the world. He is working with company since 1975 as GM China Chief. According to Tim Lee, the Head for International operation, the involvement of Socia will help to expand and develop International trading of GM in Europe as well.
In the midst of unpredictable European economy the meticulous planning of Gm will surely bring out the best of the situation; stock price for this company has reached 25% extra by adding $23.22 on the stock value.

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