Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top Reasons Not to Purchase Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5 has finally been unveiled and the tech world is abuzz with the news. It is being speculated that millions of phones will be sold by December and the sales figures will contribute enormously to this year’s Gross Domestic Product. Users have put off buying other phones in anticipation of iPhone 5, and will be queuing up to stores as soon as the product hits the shelves.

This is where you can be different from others by not buying the phone. Why? Check out the reasons:
·         Though it is touted to be revolutionary for being thinner with a bigger screen and better access to high speed networks, it is not something brilliant. The iPhone 4S had Siri, the voice recognition software that was supposed to do away with Google search and become a never-before link between the real and virtual world. No feature stands out as being dynamic and unique.
·         The iPhone 4 had a malfunctioning antenna and Apple is brilliant at bypassing such issues. What is the guarantee that history won’t repeat itself?
·         The iPhone 4S has always been reviewed as the best iPhone till date due to its superb performance. So why do we need a better version when the older ones are great?
·         With the introduction of the new iPhone, there might be an astounding price reduction for older models. When iPhone 4S was launched its predecessor’s cost came to $100 and the 3G version was and is free if you sign an AT&T service contract. The iPhone 4S was being offered at extremely low prices last month by Sprint Nextel and even Apple and comes at $99 now!
·         Older models can help you to save money in terms of service plans. A prepaid carrier might mean forking out a large sum for the phone, but in the long run you can save big with their low-rate data plans. iPhone 5 might not have any such offers.
·         Unlimited data plans might not be available with every carrier with the iPhone 5, thereby narrowing your options considerably.

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Keep these points in mind before you blindly purchase the iPhone 5!

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