Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) to rebrand its ad-center in order to ‘Bing it On’

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is going in for a renovation, with respect to its ad-center. And this does not just apply to the name, which will be changed to Bing Ads, but also with respect to the improved features. The shiny, new Bing Ads will have a new web interface, it will have tools to empower agencies and enable them to manage multiple clients with efficiency and it will also have new and improved controls.

Through these changes, Microsoft is trying to cash in on the success and popularity of the ‘Bing it On’ advertisement, and it seems that the company might just prove to be right. Bing Ads has seen a noticeable growth in terms of market shares, which will help the company attract advertisers, and therefore, advertisements. The revenue per search will also increase accordingly.

Google has always had a lead in the search market, getting the biggest of shares. It was estimated to be getting 66% of the shares when checked in August of this year. However, Microsoft and Yahoo wish to catch up with the new changes which have been made recently. And anyway, while the number of unique visitors for Google has decreased, the number of unique visitors in Microsoft has seen an increase.

The Yahoo! Bing network hopes to take off soon, and there are hopes for these companies to land more shares in terms of revenue through advertisements. Yahoo! has been the singularly most important partner for Microsoft. The two companies operate within a ten year contract which is mutually beneficial for both the companies. The growth and popularity of as well as the RPS-increase for Bing Ads will also make sure of an increase in RPS for Yahoo.

This symbiotic relationship between the two big companies, along with Microsoft’s involvement with the Kindle Fire will hopefully help Bing Ads gain more popularity which will, in turn, draw more adverts, and more money for Microsoft. Indirectly, even Yahoo! will be able to reap the benefits of Bing’s success. Microsoft is surely ready to ‘Bing it On’.

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