Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) Location Platform Will Power Amazon (AMZN) Maps API, Confirmed

Many people had foreseen that the giant ecommerce company, Amazon.com, Inc.(NASDAQ:AMZN) will form a partnership with Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK), but no one could say for sure that it would be the case. The Finnish manufacturer has told The Next Web that it is allowing Kindle Fire maker to use its Location Platform to influence the company’s Maps API.

Amazon Maps API will let developers to integrate mapping technology into their apps, similar to Google Maps for Android and Bing for Windows Phone. Nokia Location Platform enables registered developers to use the firm’s set of APIs to build rich, easy-to-use location-based mobile apps with complete functionality for Positioning, mapping, places and traffic.

A spokesperson for Nokia’s communications, Location & Commerce business units, Dr. Sebastian Kurme, has stated at TNW that Amazon is licensing the Nokia Location Platform for geo-coding and maps. The NLP is the most enhanced mobile location platform with a distinctively unique global footprint. It offers maps for nearly 200 countries and provides the best map quality that is based on leading industry technology and rich experience in mapping.

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NLP is already powering Yahoo Maps and Bing Maps. Location is always a central element when it comes to strategy. NLP offers great opportunities for third parties because of its global footprint and completeness of performance.

Amazon’s decision to choose Nokia Location Platform is proof that Nokia’s competence in this field is a key differentiator also for other leading competitors in the market to provide great location customer experience.

It is indeed a big deal for Nokia, since it is now powering some bigwigs like Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps and now Amazon too. With Apple ditching Google Maps recently, this seems to be a really dark road for the search engine giant to steer through. 

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