Saturday, September 22, 2012

Samsung Goes All Out to Attack Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) via Ads

Samsung is not taking its defeat against Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) in the patent infringement lawsuit lightly – the company has adopted an aggressive approach to demean the latter’s iPhone 5 via full-page ads. The ads suggest that Samsung’s Galaxy S III should be chosen over the latest iPhone.

Although this approach is not new, it is surprising on the part of Samsung to adopt such a smug and direct method especially after it had to shell out $1 billion in damages to Apple. A certain print ad displays both iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III along with a caption, “It doesn’t take a genius”, and features of both phones listed below it. Teri Daley, a Samsung representative has defended their strategy by saying that it is their duty to tell consumers the truth and prevent them from following a blind path like before.

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Samsung had gone all out in promoting their latest offering via television, online, banner, and print ads. The catchline was “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here” and depicted people waiting to buy iPhones while Samsung owners proudly displayed their phones with the best of features. The operative word was “already”. Apple fans retaliated by creating homemade ads with tag lines like “Don’t settle for cheap plastic” and “In high school, it doesn’t take a genius to understand who is just a bully”.

In the past, Apple has not refrained from taking digs at their rivals via ads like the “Get a Mac” TV commercials that showed an obese John Hodgman, who played the PC, engage in a war of wits with Justin Long. But in 1985, Apple had made the huge mistake of mocking its own audience by depicting them as mindless individuals with no life. Ken Segall, the ad guru who worked on Apple’s “Think Different” marketing campaign, stated that Samsung is following Apple’s path by personifying iPhone users as idiots, in order to lure them towards the Galaxy phone.

Tom Denari, the president and a principal at Young & Laramore feels that the reaction of Apple fans is not surprising, considering the brand loyalty of the tech giant. Bill Winchester, chief creative officer of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, feels that smartphones more or less do the same thing, and it is utterly useless on Samsung’s part to attack Apple in a childish manner.

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