Saturday, September 22, 2012

Samsung tackles Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) through a more public mechanism

The two companies- Samsung and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) have been entrenched in lawsuits which they have filed against one another, in more that one country. Both the names have been on top for smartphones, although the relationship between the two companies has been quite delicate, what with them filing charges against one another over important technological patent rights.

Samsung recently lost a case against Apple this August in the U.S when the American Jury came to the conclusion that Samsung had copied critical technological features. The lawsuit won Apple $ 1.05 Billion as compensation for damage. But Samsung seems undeterred.

The company refuses to back down, and this time, it has decided to attack Apple from a far more public base: advertisements. Samsung has launched its campaign against Apple through full-page advertisements which are not quite so subtle in claiming that it is superior to Apple. Right after the crushing defeat at the patent battle, Samsung has decided to publicly slam the new iPhone5 which Apple has just released.

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The ad shows an iPhone5 and a Samsung Galaxy phone tilted away from each other with the caption: “It doesn’t take a genius.”  The advertisement goes on to list the features available to the users in each of the two phones.

But advertisers are critical of the kind of publicity this advertisement will ultimately generate for Samsung. The Apple brand had become iconic, and the tag line for this advertisement looks like it is questioning the intellectual prowess of the iPhone5 users, and not just the company. The ad, some suggest, is a direct hint at the “Genius Bars” of Apple.

This, however, is not the first time that such a battle has been waged between the two companies. They have taken jabs at one another through advertisements in the past as well. But this advertisement may offend the Apple users, instead of converting them to users of the Samsung Galaxy phone.

The chief marketing officer for Samsung, Todd Pendleton, however, has stated at an interview that the objective of the advertisement is not to offend Apple users and their intelligence, but to point to the more technologically advanced phone of the two. 


  1. Does it really matter the true Apple fans will never convert to a different phone as they have conformed to the masses. Why not take the mickey out of them!!

  2. It's sad that no matter how inferior and flawed a new Apple product is these days, how badly they treat the people who produce their products, how badly they treat free competition in the market and how badly they treat their customers, the fanaticism of Apple devotees will supersede it every time, and will make Apple even richer


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