Sunday, September 23, 2012

The new and shiny Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone5 has managed to sweep people off their feet

All doubts about the impact the Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone5 would have, were dispelled on Friday, when the pre-bookings itself exceeded all expectations, and at various places all over the world, fans were lining up outside stores, eager to get their hands on the magic the brand has managed to weave, yet again.

The sleek body, the spacious 4 inch screen, and various other features, drew people from The United states, Europe, Australia, and Asia, and Apple got about 2 million bookings even before the product was made available on the market.  The model of Apple range of iPhones has managed to generate more demand than the previous model, the upgraded version of the iPhone4, namely, the iPhone4S.  The demand for the new model has been so phenomenal, that some are worried about whether the company will be able to meet up to it, with the supplies. The iPhone has been the most lucrative product for Apple, fetching the company about half of its annual revenue, and according to JP Morgan, the new model will fetch a $3.2 Billion boost to the American economy.

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However, the iPhone5 too has proved that it is not infallible. The Map Apps have generated a substantial amount of criticism, which has not been positive. It has been deemed as being faulty, with errors in geographical locations. Also, Samsung has recently filed another patent lawsuit against Apple over technological innovations. The two companies, Apple and Samsung, have been waging war against one another for quite a while, since both these companies are trying to make the best of the year end holiday season, in terms of sales.

But the new phone has already secured a spot as one of the most sought after product during the holidays. The extraordinary response it has received cannot be ignored, and it looks like it is not going to die down anytime soon. Not just Apple enthusiasts but also others who use smartphones, are coveting the new model for various reasons.

This news does not bode well for Research in Motion, the company which manufactures the Blackberry phone. There have been reported errors regarding service in the Middle East as well as in part of Europe and Africa. 


  1. People will buy Apple no matter how much their product sucks (or is mediocre, like this phone).

    Please don't use words like 'weave magic' and other things to describe this phone.
    It's the Apple customers' fanatic dedication, which ignores the phone's and the company's many shortfalls that accounts for Apple's success.

  2. it may have "managed to sweep people off their feet" according to this article, but most analysts were predicting 6-10 million unit sales.
    The actual sales were lower than the worst-case scenarios.
    Goes to show you that devoted customers can only carry a company so far, without the company innovating.


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