Sunday, September 23, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) introduces new updates for smartphones

Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) has been developing by leaps and bounds in the area of mobile updates, in order to make the social-networking site more useful and intrinsic to smartphone users. The company had already released photosyncing for Android users, and they have also added additional updates for Android Facebook applications, as well as the Android Facebook Messenger applications.

Facebook is certainly out to become a hegemonic company in terms of popularity in a technology-driven world, and it is on its way to ensure the fact that users spend more time on the site, thereby drawing to itself, more revenue through advertisements.

The in-app texting feature is a new and interesting feature which the company has introduced. It allows Facebook users with smartphones to send and/or receive texts, along with national Facebook messages through the email ID which Facebook has made available to all its users, not so many months ago.

Android smartphone users can not text their friends from within the app itself. And this is just a part of the many updates which Facebook has been stressing on. The company has already made public, its wish to take over phone communication and become as reckoning a force as it is on the Web.

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This feature, however, has not been made available to all smartphones. According to TechnoCrunch, the phones which will have these new and improved features are phones such as some of the smartphone models by Samsung, HTC, as well as a few other select brands. But it is planning on improving the in-app texting feature and introducing it to other smartphones as well.

The central Android App by Facebook already mirrors most of the improved features of the standalone application for Messenger and the company will further these developments to include new features, sure to be unique and new.

The company has also announced the update to the iOS version Facebook messgener for Apple smartphones. The iOS Messenger users may not want to avail the in-app texting feature, but nevertheless, the company is well on its way to asserting even greater power over more mediums and the company is diligently working on improving its mobile updates to make them more attractive and important to the people.
Shares of FB have jumped 28% so far this month.

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