Friday, September 21, 2012

Will Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Give Another chance To Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) With Mapping?

According to latest reports of 9to5Mac, Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) has submitted a new version of Google Maps for iPhone and is waiting for Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) to approve the app.
If 9to5Mac’s reports can be considered to be solid, then users would not be able to access Google Maps on their iPhone unless Apple approves of the app. For now, users will be stuck with the new Apple Maps that have received ‘hilariously awful’ reviews.

TechCrunch says the app would not be finished until the end of the year.

In any case, it seems Google is definitely working on a different Google Maps app for the iPhone.
The previous week, Google was able to release a new YouTube app for the iPhone. It is hoped that Apple is open to letting a true Google Maps app on the iPhone as well. Apart from that, there are a number of third-party mapping applications available in Apple’s App Store like Waze, Bing, Google Earth and MapQuest.

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Apple and Google still do not share the best of relationships. Maps are immensely lucrative for both the firms due to revenue that comes from advertisers, who are interested in appearing on searches. Sources close to Google have claimed that the app has recently been submitted to Apple and is awaiting approval.

as far as common sense goes, Google will build an iOS version of the Maps app, not only to counteract the iOS 6 backlash, but also for the user-defined map information that it has been collecting  from legions of iOS users since the last few years.

Apple, on the flipside, could block Google Maps app if it thinks that the app rivals its core-iOS functionality. The App Store is already home to a overabundance of map applications and the blockage of a Google Maps app would be like worsening terms with their loyal customers. 

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