Friday, September 21, 2012

The Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) craze washes over the world

The much awaited Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone5 was finally available in markets from Friday, and it got a phenomenal welcome from people, what with eager buyers queuing outside the shops for more than three to four hours, to get their hands on the sleek new model.

The iPhone5 received an equally enthusiastic response from places in Asia, Europe as well as North America. Just hours after its launch in countries like Australia, Singapore, Britain, France, Hong Kong, and Germany, the phone was made available in shops throughout Canada and the U.S.A. Twenty two more countries will receive the new model later.
Large queues and enthusiastic Apple devotees were queuing up outside the 5th Avenue store in Ney York, as well as stores such as Verizon. Most people who had the iPhone4 had decided to skip the model after that, which is the iPhone4S, to get the current one. According to them, the new iPhone5 is very different from the older models and have major upgrades and benefits such as a sleeker look, a larger screen, and very little weight. The interface for the iPhone5 is also being talked about a lot, even though most people buying the smartphone are aware of the slight shortcomings which the new model may have. This includes the new App for maps, which is poorer than the older software, which was Google Maps.

In Hong Kong as well as Britain, the new phones got stolen in large numbers and the police are investigating these thefts, and various analysts are of the opinion that Apple will be sending out at least five million new iPhones5s within the end of September itself.

The general consensus, amongst all smartphone users is that the Apple iPhone5 will leave very little room for disappointment, although the phone is being bought by non-enthusiasts for other purposes as well. Apart form the fact that it will probably make fabulous gift items, a lot of people are buying the new smartphones so that they can send it to their relatives in other countries where the trade tax on the new model is much higher, and as a result, the phones there will be much more expensive. But whatever the reason may be, the sheer amount of excitement the new smartphone has generated, shows that the Apple iPhone5 is here to stay! 

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