Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) To Unveil New Ad Strategy, Revamped Email

Internet search provider, Yahoo! Inc.(NASDAQ:YHOO) is about to embark on transformed efforts to improve its search capabilities and advertising platforms. The two areas of its business operation have weighed on productivity and scared off investors.

Quoting an internal memorandum, CEO Marissa Mayer, an alumna of the internet giant Google, said that the company will roll out the strategy that aims at providing a better customer experience. The website and the new appearance of Yahoo was still under change.

An unnamed source said to AllThingsD that everything that Mayer is doing has got something to with consumer experience. Nothing else seems to matter to her even if it matter to the bottom line.

As per the report, Mayer had unveiled her first strategy to the board of directors the previous week. Another meeting is slated to happen on 1st October. AllThingsD has mentioned that this meeting will mark the introduction of new systems and processes for the firm. It will be a part of a broad revamp for Yahoo.

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The website has also reported that Mayer plans on involving doubling down on search and advertising with more resources committed to both. She also is planning on revamping its search partnership with Microsoft. In order to address issues over client usability, Yahoo seeks to reboot its free email service as well as its homepage.

The report revealed that people, who have seen the mock-ups, describe them to be more social and similar to a dashboard for users. A redesign can make Yahoo more akin to Facebook experience with contents and products that help it stand apart.

Mayer is also thinking of beefing up 10 important areas that would include news portals for sports and finances. The AllThingsD report comes as Yahoo is planning on cracking down leaks of internal notes.

Shares of YHOO fell over 2% on Tuesday.

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