Monday, October 1, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) does not claim that its Mapping App is the Most Powerful Service Ever

A recent revelation from CNet stated that Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) has changed the line on its website used for promoting the iOS 6, which referred to its mapping app as the “most powerful tool ever” to something entirely different. Instead of retracting the claim, due to the criticism it has received, Apple has maneuvered users in another direction by highlighting new features like Flyover imagery and 3D views, claiming that it is a top-notch, vector-based interface that does scaling and zooming like never before.

Previously, Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly apologized to users all over in a letter that was posted on their website for releasing a product that does not match up to company standards and is full of glitches that has caused inconvenience to many. However, he has reassured everyone that mechanisms to debug and improve Apple’s mapping tool are already in place.

Cook has suggested numerous mapping apps, which belong to rivals, for users of iPad and iPhone, till the issues of Apple’s mapping tool are resolved. A new feature has been added to the iOS App Store called "Find maps for your iPhone" that includes suitable, downloadable alternatives.

Apple was a “Google Maps” loyalist till it decided to come up with its own in-house tool. But the app has received only harsh criticism due to the disappointment and frustration of users for inaccurate routing, wrong positioning data, and Flyover rendering bugs. It has not even come close to Google’s mapping app, let alone surpassing it.

This is not the only time Apple had to modify its claims on the company website. A few months back, it had to erase the line that claimed its OS X operating system is virus-free due to a botnet called “Flashback” creating havoc. The line was changed to “OS X is developed to be secure”.

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  1. Garbage is garbage-vectors or no vectors.
    They should be sued for ever claiming it's the best.

    And Apple customers should be ashamed for being duped (repeatedly) by this company into buying its flashy, but garbage products


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