Monday, October 1, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Maps’ users fall dramatically

This was expected and is actually a no-brainer. Usage of Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) Maps on its new operating iOS 6 has fallen dramatically since the day the iPhone 5 was launched, data management firm Snappli said.

Prior to the release of iOS about a quarter of Apple owners were using Google Maps as a navigational aid and for other location services. After the release of the new operating system, since Google Maps vanished from their screens, about 35 percent were using Apple Maps.

However this has come down drastically since, data firm Snappli showed.

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It is no secret that Apple Maps has been widely panned everywhere for being the most inferior product launched by Apple to date. t not only gives wrong directions, it also distorts images while well-known public utilities such as railway  stations and so on, have been wrongly located on the maps.

Apple CEO Tim Cook ultimately apologised to users for the glitches on the mapping application and has asked them to use other programmes including Google Maps, until such time Apple fixes the issues.

There's no doubt that Apple's mapping software is a hastily patched up product that it has foisted on its users in order to reduce its dependence on Google.

However the bid to have its own navigational aid may have backfired on the company, as apart from giving its bad press, it has taken the spotlight away from the positive aspects of new operating system.

Customers tend to focus on the negatives, especially if it is a frequently used application such as maps.

The episode has also focussed on the superiority of Google's application and given it a lot more publicity that Apple would have desired.

Shares of AAPL slid 1.16% to $659.39 on Monday.

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