Monday, October 29, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) gets into apps for home automation

After revolutionising the way people connect with each other, Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) is now moving into the home sphere.

Okay, that does not mean that Apple is starting to manufacture home appliances.

It has tied up with consumer electronics giant Philips, which will start selling its Hue light bulbs exclusively in Apple stores across the country.

Apple's role in this - it provides the application on its mobile devices that allows customers to control and play with the lights in their home.

Philips' Hue range of light bulbs, which the company calls the world's smartest light bulb, is an LED home lighting system that is web-enabled.

More and more companies are getting into smart lighting systems that are web-enabled and allow customers to control their lighting at the click of a button.

Home automation was, so far, outside the price range of average homeowners as it is generally seen as an expensive proposition.

But companies like Belkin and Nest are changing the rules of the game and making it more affordable for average consumers.

Andrea Smith, writing in Mashable, said that she had a lot of fun trying out the Hue system and app for a few days.

"I was able to change the colours of the light bulbs in different rooms, adjust the brightness level, or turn the lights off and on with one touch from my iPad."

The app has a system which identifies all the lights installed in the house. They can be assigned different names by the customers. A slider on the app allows the homeowner to adjust the intensity of the lighting.

There are even scenes that customers can chose such as Sunset, Energise, and Concentrate to suit the mood of the user.


  1. I hope they are not charging very much, Amazon has color changing LED bulbs for about $10 that come with a remote. I do not think computer controlling them will add to the value by much.

  2. More and more organizations are getting into intelligent lighting style techniques that are web-enabled and allow clients to management their lighting style at the mobile.


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