Monday, October 15, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): iPhone 5 Beats Galaxy S III When It Comes To Web Traffic Usage

In a span of three week, iPhone 5 has managed to surpass Samsung’s three-month old Galaxy S III in web traffic volume, as per the data-analytics of Chitika.

The result is surprising and suggestive of the fact that Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) smartphone users are spending far more time surfing the web than the users of Samsung’s smartphone users.

Chitika operates an online advertising channel involving 250,000 websites. It looked at millions of mobile advert impressions from 3rd October to 9th October.

In the test, Samsung Galaxy S III came up with 44% of the two devices total traffic and the iPhone accounted for the 56% of the total traffic.

Chitika is of the opinion that the increase in traffic volume is due to the sales numbers of Apple and its ability to use 4G networks.

Apple has sold off 5 million iPhone 5s in its first weekend, while Samsung has reportedly sold more than 20 million Galaxy S III smartphones.

Why the discrepancy? Apart from the explanation provided by Chitika, the result actually fits a long-running pattern that reveals Apple is dominating the web usage on mobile platform.

Two groups, however, prefer the Android platform. That includes a small number of early adopters and a large number of price-sensitive, mass-market customers. At the same time, Apple keeps on dominating the high end of the smartphone industry where customers are more inclined to consume a lot of data.

Chitika has concluded that while optimizing content for both the devices is still a commendable move for online advertisers, the leap in iPhone 5 activity proves that iPhone users are still taking the cake when it comes to being more active and therefore, more marketable.

However, in spite of the web traffic boost, latest data from mobile app analytics has revealed that the iPhone 5 and the patent trial between Apple and Samsung have actually helped the sales of Galaxy S III.


  1. My guess is that this could be inflated because power users (the ones that would theoretically browse the web the most) on the Galaxy S III can root their phones and install AdBlock (which would block this service)

  2. It could also be because the Galaxy S III has been out for longer than the iPhone 5. Which means that iPhone 5 users are still using it like a new toy, whereas the Galaxy S III have settled into long term usage patterns. Over time the iPhone 5 usage number should start to come down and normalize.

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