Monday, October 15, 2012

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) reacts to Huawei’s incorrect statements

Cisco Systems, Inc.(NASDAQ:CSCO) has decided to make the legal case between them and Huawei public, after the latter managed to offend Cisco by misinforming the public about what exactly had happened between the two countries during a legal case which Cisco had filed against Huawei. The former had accused the latter of the copying of intellectual property. The Chinese company, according to the case, had stolen Cisco’s intellectual property in order to incorporate it within their products. This was the basis of the legal case.

The case, which was on in 2003 and 2004, between the network giant from U.S.A, and the Chinese company, finally ended in both the companies agreeing to a confidential settlement. The clause here, the essential one, is the confidential part of the settlement, which Huawei later went on to break.  Charles Ding is the corporate senior vice president of the company, as well as the chief representative. He made public statements which altered the version of the case, and he said that the outcome had resulted in Cisco admitting to the fact that intellectual theft is not something which Huawei had done. Ding went on to say that after a review of the Huawei source coda had taken place, the result had shown that the code had not been copied from Cisco, and that Cisco had withdrawn the case after the review results.

This has left Cisco feeling very sore, and the company responded through extreme public measures. In order to ensure the fact that the public has no doubt about the actual outcome of the case, the general counsel for Cisco, Mark Chandler, released the reports pertaining to the settlement between the U.S Company, and the Chinese one. Chandler also went further to tell the public through a blog post that the company had been given permission by Huawei to release the reports and findings of a neutral expert. The result from the expert said that that the intellectual property had indeed been infringed upon. The excerpts of the report were released by Chandler. Both the companies, however, have been unavailable for comment.

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