Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Rumors hint towards the coming of a smaller iPad

Rumors in the technology enthusiasts’ grapevine suggest that Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) may be planning to make and release a smaller version of the iPad. The Wall Street Journal has been buzzing with the news of the production of a smaller sized iPad by Apple. According to them , the news is authentic, because Asian suppliers associated with the Apple production chain have given out the information about the new iPad, which might be getting made anytime soon.

Sources have been saying that the new, smaller iPad will be called the “iPad,Mini” and that it will noticeably smaller in size, than its parent product. The smaller version of the iPad will have a 7.85 inch screen, with liquid crystal display. The iPad Mini might be getting made so that Apple can keep up with sales of the less expensive, smaller tablets in the market, by companies such as Samsung, Amazon and Google. The iPad may be a phenomenal tablet in itself, but it is too expensive for everyone to buy, and a cheaper, smaller version of the iPad might just increase the sales in terms of Tablets, but making this product more accessible to many more people. Although, Apple does not really need extra sales, considering the fact that it makes as many sales in two days, as some other companies do in a quarter of a year.

Reports sat that Apple will e sending out formal invitations to journalists for the launch of the new tablet by the 10th of October. Also, a Japanese Apple rumor blog has been suggesting that the production for this smaller tablet has already started in the Foxconn Branch in Brazil. Although the site cited “reliable sources”, they did not mention names, and they were not able to provide any concrete information to confirm the rumor.

Bloomberg had previously reported that suppliers for Apple, LG Display as well as AU Optronics were asked to work on a smaller version of the iPad. They had been asked to make smaller screens of the same make. The sources, whose names had not been revealed, had said that the screen will be 7.85 inches long. This confirms the prediction by the Journal. 

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