Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to amp up security by partnering with Microlatch

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) may not have included NFC technology, or near-field communications in its new device, the Apple iPhone5, but the company sure is planning big things for the future. The NFC technology is also known as close-proximity wireless payments, is something which many people were expecting to see in the new smartphone, but they were left disappointed. However, Apple will make up for the disappointment by introducing the new technology in the devices which are in the pipeline for the near future.

The collaboration between Microlatch and Apple is very significant, because it might just see the NFC technology brought to the future Apple devices, along with fingerprint technology for the use of the NFC applications. The financial aspect of this collaboration was not revealed by either party, however.

Sydney based Microlatch deals with bank security issues, for which it has patents as well as cutting-edge technologies which involves fingerprints and biometrics which are processed by the device involved, without the need for storage or transmission. The chief executive  of Microlatch, who was also a banking chief before he joined the company, said that the process which is created for the banking security is called “self-registering”.

The disappointment which people faced at not seeing the NFC technology being included to the nee iPhone5, is akin to what people felt like, when they saw that the iPhone4S did not have the 4G LTE technology incorporated into the smartphone. However, the NFC technology is still a very small-scale one. It is still in industry development. Also, the technology has a long way to go, before it becomes a matter of widespread use.

But people may not be disappointed for long. Apple, the technology barons, release a new phone every year, and the next iPhone might just have a new punt for wireless payment methods. The company has been dishing out good devices very consistently, so people do not have to be dismal. A large reason for the disappointment was, perhaps, due to the fact that Apple acquired AuthenTec in July. The company makes fingertip sensors. 

However, the part-software, part-patent agreement, along with the hardware purchase, all points to the NFC technology being included in the next mobile device by Apple! 

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