Monday, October 1, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Utilization rate of iOS 6 Mapping Tool Drops to 4%

Ever since the release of Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s new mapping app along with its iOS 6 upgrade, the tool has been harshly criticized by analysts and users. Rivals have taken advantage of this situation by coming up with campaigns so as to direct Apple users to their own phones and apps.
As expected, the utilization rate of Apple’s mapping app has declined sharply. Data management company, Snappli, has revealed statistics that show a meager 4% of all iOS 6 users are availing the mapping tool of Apple, just after a week of its launch. The rate is way lower than what it used to be when Google Maps were incorporated in Apple’s devices.

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Snappli did an intense study by analyzing the data usage from more than 5000 users after the iOS 6 was released and it was revealed that 64% of the user base in the US and UK had made the transition to iOS 6. Users were using Google Maps once a day, with the percentage coming up to 6.25%. The numbers went up when the in-built iOS 6 mapping tool was introduced; coming to 6.35%, but it plummeted to only 4%!
The utilization rate of the entire iOS 6 user base is not known as of yet. The mapping app has caters to a niche market and users coming under that category might not be willing to use the tool. However, we do get a numerical insight into the multiple theories, opinions, and speculations circulating in the market ever since Apple dumped Google Maps to come up with their in-house tool.

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