Saturday, September 29, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) : The decision to reconsider a sales ban gives Samsung time to breathe

The market for smartphones is undoubtedly one the most profitable ones, but it is also one of the most competent ones, with technology improving everyday, and the constant insecurity of technology being plagiarized by other smartphone makers. This is what has lead to the two biggest companies fighting tooth and nail, both within legal parameters, as well as through the slightly less respectable mud-slinging through advertisements. Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) and Samsung have patent lawsuits against one another in over ten countries, and they are always slapping patent cases on one another, being as they are, the two biggest companies for smartphones.

The recent trial in the U.S, which had gone on for a month, had ended in favor of Apple, with the company successfully getting the court to impose a sales ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet 10.1. However, a U.S Appeal Court ruled in favour of the South Korean company on Friday, saying that the sales ban should be reconsidered, and that the company should be given time to prove itself in court. This ruling definitely gave Samsung breathing space, because of the upcoming holiday season. The sales ban on the tablet right before the holidays would have hit the company hard. Although Apple had won the patent violation claims against Samsung, the jury has been reconsidering their decision, and they are leaning more towards the idea that Samsung did not, indeed, violate patent basis for the tablet injunction.

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Lucy Koh, who had been the judge presiding over the case said that she could not lift the ban because Samsung had already had its change to appeal to the court. a U.S District Court Judge. She had decreed that the ban would have to remain, despite the doubts of the jury, and the pleas of Samsung. However, the Federal U.S Circuit Court of Appeals, which is based in Washington, advised Koh to reconsider her ruling on the sales ban.

This decision has surely been a sign for the positive for the South Korean company.  Their sales would have been seriously hampered, if the sales ban would not even have been reconsidered. The company is a month away from unveiling their new Note, which is equipped with a stylus. It is said that this is their most popular device so far. 


  1. Et si Samsung n'avait pas copié Apple, quel aurait été son chiffre d'affaire pour Noël ?
    (And if Samsung did not copy Apple, what would its cash for Christmas )

  2. Il y a qu'au USA que les juges ont mentionné que Samsung avait copié Apple. Apple a perdu au Japon, Korea et Allemagne pour les mêmes raisons qu'au USA.


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