Friday, October 5, 2012

Amazon.com, Inc.(NASDAQ:AMZN)’s Cloud Drive is now accessible to Italy and Spain!

After its lunch in Germany, France and the UK, the Cloud Drive is finally accessible to the populace in Italy and Spain. The Cloud Drive has already impressed its current users, and it is ready to let more people know why it’s so great. Amazon.com, Inc.(NASDAQ:AMZN)’s new creation, the Cloud Drive allows for safe-keeping of all kinds of data, without the usual risks of hardware crashing, and due to cloud computing, the data can then be accessed anywhere, through PCs, Macs as well as through the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD!

The Cloud Drive guarantees the safety of your files, and it allows you to look at them anytime you want, through the above-mentioned devices. Amazon is going to be adding new features for the users of this amazing application, and it is also giving 5 GB worth of data free to all those who want to use the Cloud Drive. The European customers who want to use the Cloud Drive application can use it through the Apps on the Cloud Drive PC, Mac Desktop Apps or the Kindle Fire as well as the HD version of the same. 

They can also access the information from any web browser. The application guarantees speedy access to the files, as well as the pleasure of viewing their photos in high definition through their Kindles. Users can also save the photos from their Facebook profiles into Cloud Drive, and view them anytime they want to.

According to Amazon, the Cloud Drive is for safe and secure storage of files through cloud computing. It is also very simple to use, thereby making it accessible to many people who would shy away from complicated procedures. The application has the plus points of not having to rely on hardwares, of being able to access the files anywhere, without a physical storage device, and of being able to keep their files safe.

The storage application stores digital files and its release also included access to users in the U.S. apart from the 5 GB worth of free space, additional storage plans are being offered, which are priced at $ 6 or 8 Euros for 20 GB, for a year. 

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