Friday, October 26, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has Shown Multiple Products Launch So Fra This year

Year 2012 seems to be “truly prolific year of innovation” as far as the achievements are taken into consideration. With the launch of updated iPhone and iPad, Tim Cook the CEO of Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) too acknowledged the year to be quite a productive year for the company. This year the company revealed three new versions of the iPad which also includes the iPad mini. Besides this, the company unveiled an iPhone with a larger screen, refurbished iPod media players, updated Mac notebooks and desktops, and ofcourse, the new generations of its mobile and desktop operating systems.
However, the saying goes that all innovation comes at a price, proved true in case of Apple Inc. too. With the almost accurate rumour of the company launching a series of new products curtailed the sale of the recently added products to its counters and the eyes of the customers are set on the new products to come. Even the constriction in the delivery of the new device, as reflected through the website of the company which shows a three to four week wait for the iPhone 5 a month after the smartphone was released, is causing demand to outpace supply, which puts a damper on earnings.
So far this is what the financial analysts are anticipating reasoning for the fall down of their estimates for Apple’s fiscal fourth-quarter results today after the market closes. The shares of the company reported a fall of 3.3 percent on October 23rd despite the upswing of $ 700 for the first time last month. The shares closed yesterday at $616.83 in regular Nasdaq trading. The analysts further anticipate that the company’s prediction for its first quarter might too be not that impressive when viewed from an investors’ eye.

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