Friday, October 19, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Upgrades Its SDK For Android Operating System

Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) has released an update to its SDK for Android which happens to make it easier to build better promoted and distributed apps.

The social networking company is calling this update the biggest overhaul of our Android SDK till date since it provides advanced functionality and makes it easier to make more immersive social experiences and enhanced distribute and promote apps.

Some of the new features that the app comes with include updated native user interface controls, better Facebook application programming support and basic session management.

The new native UI controls entail a number of pre-built Views and Fragments for common tasks. Facebook said that on-demand loading and built-in caching make such controls more responsive and efficient when compared to web dialogs.

The social networking company said that Friend Picker allows users to tag their friends in an Open Graph or find other people, who have installed their apps. Places Picker shows nearby places with customizable locations. Profile Picture control shows the profile pictures of all objects on Facebook, including places, things and people.

Updated login controls in also make it easy for developers to manage app permissions and user identity.
The revised SDK’s uncomplicated session management feature includes tools that make authorization and authentication much easier for developers through a Button and a Fragment that are responsible for managing login state on its own.

Facebook said that login state is cached in Shared Preferences by default. Developers can make sessions external to support low memory situations, which is made automatic through an optional Activity base class.
The better Facebook API support indicates that users can now batch SDK requests for Facebook API calls to gain much faster access times for API requests.

Those who where big fans of the old SDK should not be upset since Facebook has said that the updated kit will also be compatible backwards. 

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