Friday, October 19, 2012

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NYSE:AMD) Declares Seamicro SM15000 Server Citrix

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.(NYSE:AMD) has announced that Citrix Systems has verified the latest AMD SeaMicro SM15000 XE microserver as CitrixReady to run Citrix XenServer, which is a complete managed server virtualization technology that enables companies to merge servers in a cost effective way and ensure continuity of business.
Citrix Ready is a product verification program that confirmed compatibility with Citrix Application Delivery Infrastructure. AMD has completed a rigorous process to make sure that XenServer platform is compatible. The platform is extensively known as one of the fastest and secure server virtualization products in the industry.
General Manager and corporate vice president of AMD’s Data Centre Server Solutions, Andrew Feldman said that data virtualization is expected to take up pace and that the company has worked closely with Citrix to make its clients can efficiently deploy an integrated Citrix-AMD solution. The combination of Citrix XenServer and the highest density is a winning one that takes data centre efficiency and management to the next level.
SeaMicro SM15000 of AMD is the highest density and the most energy efficient data centre platform. It is a mixture of networking, storage and computing in a single ten-rack system that are linked by a high performance supercompute fabric that makes a hyper-efficient system by enabling common components to be shared the differentiated technology of AMD allows the highest performance, storage density and compute and the maximum bandwidth per unit compute of any micro server.
Additionally, the recently declared AMD SeaMicro SM15000 server extends the patented Freedom Fabric beyond the framework of SeaMicro to connect directly to enormous disk arrays, enabling a single ten rack unit system to support over 5 petabytes of low cost, easy-to-install storage. The Freedom fabric ASIC covers three important patented technologies – the Input/ Output (I/O) Virtualization Technology, the TIO (Turn It Off) technology and the freedom Supercompute Fabric. 

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