Sunday, October 21, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB): Investors All Set To Watch Earnings This Week

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is due to announce the results of their third quarter on the 23rd of October. Predictions, comments, critiques and hopes are therefore flying around and buzzing about before the date. The Wall Street Journal expects the site to rake in about $ 1.23 in revenue, the EPS should be about $0.11 per share, and the Q4 guidance for revenue should be about $1.43 billion.
Mobile monetization will again, gain focus with the fourth quarter, and will be talked about a lot. This is because the site felt a serious crunch when its users started accessing the site from their smartphones all the time, thereby not displaying enough ads, and thereby, leading advertisers to pull out. The migration to the mobiles are happening at a very fast pace. The AdAge Digital Conference, however, revealed things which are optimistic.
In order to give accurate results to the marketers, the site will improve the cross-platform analytics and will lay more emphasis on it. Advertising opportunities will become better, and it will help in arranging the huge amount of data cohesively. Also, issues such as pricing, as well as results will be improved for marketers through standardized and broad analytics.
The verdict is that more than online advertising, once the ecommerce platform takes off, it will be a much more lucrative field for the social networking site. It could fetch in more revenue. The application feature called “Gifts” could be revolutionary, and could get a lot of money in. Purchased along with Karma, during its IPO, “Gifts” can turn out to be Facebook’s hope fore better results. Mobile ecommerce can take the site to the top. Although the application is still heavily restricted, and is available to very few people on account of being at the developmental stages, the development of this application can bring in a lot of revenue, and some people argue, that this will be more beneficial that mobile advertisements. The “Gifts” application is very different from e-gifts. This application involves the big brands, such as Starbucks. This would be Facebook’s first foray into ecommerce. 

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