Sunday, October 21, 2012

QUALCOMM (QCOM): Jacobs to be the keynote speaker, after the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer

The Consumer Electronic show, which is an annual event, will have Paul Jacobs as the keynote speaker for the year 2013. Jacobs is the CEO of QUALCOMM, Inc.(NASDAQ:QCOM), and next year, in January, he will be opening for the CES at Las Vegas. Jacobs will be following the footsteps of the likes of Steve Ballmer as well as Bill Gates. However, the reason for the change might be a reflection on how much technology has started focusing on mobiles, today. This breed of devices runs the market in today’s day and age, with technology being able to adapt to smaller devices which fulfill multiple functions.

The CES keynote had previously always been delivered by a CEO from Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT). Since 1999, this had almost become a tradition. After Bill Gates delivering the opening speech for about nine years, Ballmer took over the responsibility after him, and continued to be the keynote speaker for about four years. Microsoft will not attend the CES for 2013. The company has cited the difference in timing for the release of the products, with the CES. However, analysts are suggesting that this is just a defense mechanism for the company since they too have realized how much of a mobile-dominated scene the technology industry has become. The focus has shifted from PCs altogether.
The CEA, or the consumer Electronics Association picked Paul Jacobs for the keynote at the CES after Microsoft pulled out, and speculations were abound, about who would be delivering the opening speech. The association stated that mobile computing was something so intrinsic to Qualcomm, that calling the CEO of the company was natural, and that he would be the apt person to talk about the mobile age. The company is famous for making microprocessors as well as wireless chips, which are used in mobile devices as well as in tablets. The company though, produces much more, which includes the manufacturing of automobiles.
The speech will be given at The Venetian, which is in Las Vegas. Although the CES starts from the 8th, the opening will start on the 7th, With Jacobs giving the speech that day, at 6.30 in the evening. 

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