Monday, October 1, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Looking for New Revenues Streams: COO

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) executives are becoming more talkative now.

First it was Founder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg who decided to show himself last month at a technology conference in San Francisco. He also answered queries about the company’s current and future plans and seemed willing to assuage investors' concerns about the company's growth prospects.

Now Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg is also offering her explanations. The lady recently sat down for a detailed interview with CNBC and answer questions about the company's future.

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She expressed her disappointment with the IPO debacle of the company but would not be drawn into apportioning any blame for it.

“We’re taking that energy and really focusing on proving to the world that we can continue to grow our business, continue to grow our users and their engagement, and build a great company, not just for a quarter, but hopefully for decades and decades.”

She explained that while staff was disappointed about the company's sliding share prices, Facebook tended to attract employees who were focussed more on the social network's mission and on building innovative features and products.

Sandberg said that the company had become more focussed on monetising its huge user base after the IPO.

 “I think what we’ve done since the IPO is continue to really focus on building that business. And I think we’re executing better and better.”

She revealed that the company is looking at new revenue streams such as selling premium services or businesses that could include the likes of analytics or customer service.

 “We’ve heard from businesses all over the world that they want more from us. There are things they’d pay for they really want us to provide. So it’s an area that we’re currently starting to explore.”

Shares of FB extended gain in Monday’s session and rose another 1.52% after surging 6.60% in Friday’s session.

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