Thursday, October 4, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Testing Promoted Posts, Allows Users Promote Personal Updates

By now, everyone is familiar with brands and companies promoting their products and services through status updates on Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) or tweets on Twitter. By paying social networking sites, these firms ensure that their messages reach out to as many people as possible through ‘promoted’ content. It seems that Facebook is expanding this particular feature to regular users also.

Facebook has started testing Promoted Posts for regular users in the US, the feature being already rolled out in New Zealand. On payment of $7 per post, Facebook will ensure that all your status updates reach out to you friends. Apart from the increased visibility, Promoted Posts will come with a tool that will allow users to see the number of users, who have seen their posts.

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Facebook has a reputation for testing out potential new features to a selective group of users. The company had done the same thing when it introduced automatic photo updates for Android a few weeks back. You would know that you are among the lucky ones to get access to the new feature if you can see a new ‘Promote’ button next to ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ buttons underneath your posts.

This feature could be useful to everyday users although it is not something that people would do to each of their updates. However, if you want to upload some photographs of a special occasion or event or want to wish a friend on his birthday by sending a picture, the ‘Promote’ feature can be of help. That is, if they are willing to shell out $7.

Facebook’s Pay to Promote test had first started in New Zealand at the beginning of the year. It has gradually rolled out in over 20 nations.

Ever since the social network has gone public, it has been looking for ways to increase its advertising revenue to attract investors, who are bellowing for a more sustainable business model.
Shares of FB are down 0.50% to $21.73.

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