Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE)’s PS3 is still selling admirably

Many were a little disappointed by the fact that the Sony Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:SNE)’s PlayStation 3 did not get its prices cut, when it was trimmed down and re-released into the market. What with many different makers putting in a new kind of gaming console into the market every other day, many people were expecting the prices of the PlayStation 3 to go down, in order to keep up the sales. Usually, when the console gets old, people do not want to buy it at an expensive price. They would want to go for better, newer models, or they would get the old one or cheaper.

However, contrary to what people expected, the slimmed-down PlayStation 3 is still managing to attract a decent amount of crowd, and is generating a very respectable amount of sales.  GfK Chart-Track official UK sales data, the sales for the console went up by 138 percent after the revamped PS3 was released into the market. This data was calculated on a week-on-week basis, and it was published in the UKIE, or the Association of the UK Interactive Entertainment. The revamped PS3 accounted for thirty seven percent of the sales of all the PlayStation 3’s. The 500 GB console has literally been slimmed down. It has become much thinner than before.

Price-reductions are usually the way to go, in the case of older consoles. However, it looks like Sony took a risk and it paid off. Without the price change, and with just a few minor changes to the older version of the same model, the PlayStation 3 is still generating a lot of interest amongst people. People who play on consoles all the time, are constantly on the look-out for newer models to make their own experience of gaming, a better one. However, PS3 might have managed to attract the relatively newer gamers with the same price. iFixit had opened up the PS3 to check out the changes made to the new version. However, they said that the changes were not that drastic. A cheaper Blu-ray mechanism, as well as a little less complex assembly is what the new version has.

But it is clearly drawing masses to it. The PS4 is said to come out during Christmas, next year. 

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