Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Head Of Seattle Office Leaving Company

Ari Steinberg, Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) Director of engineering, has decided to call it quits at the company. He has confirmed his decision with TechCrunch. He has said that Friday will be his last day at the company and that he is leaving to find a travel setup.

Steinberg’s exit from the company would result in big holes in Facebook. He was the man to develop the platform for the social network with Dave Morin. He was responsible for overseeing the News Feed, incepting its engineering office in Seattle and developing Facebook Messenger for Windows.

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According to TechCrunch, Facebook tapped new co-heads for its office based in Seattle. That includes recent employee Rohit Wad and long-time enginner Wayne Chang.

Steinberg has reported to Facebook that his tenure of 6 and half years with Facebook has been amazing. He feels lucky to have worked on interesting things with a lot of talented people. He is looking forward to try something new.

Steinberg is soon going to add up to the list of high-profile executives leaving Facebook. Others on the list include Vice President of Corporate communications, Joe Lockhart, designer Ben Blumenfeld, Director of Product Managemetn, Carl Sjogreen, Director of Corporate Communications and Public Policy, Barry Schnitt, Chief Technology Officer, Bret Taylor, Director of Platform Partnerships, Ethan Beard and Mobile Platform Manager, Jonathan Matus. The list seems to be ever-expanding.

A week after Facebook went public, ReadWriteWeb had said that biggest challenge for Facebook would be to ensure that it does not have an exodus of talent.

As for Steinberg, his Facebook knowledge will surely help him with his new startup since travel is becoming a very social industry. It also looks a good for Steinberg as traveling seems to be his passion. 

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