Friday, October 19, 2012

Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) to try and make the internet a safer place

There are various security systems which are available for the PCs, for Android phones, for tablets, and for Macbooks, to ensure the fact that your device does not contract a virus. Most of these security systems have free trials or free versions which one can use, and which will help maintain better security on the device. McAfee Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus, Kaspersky PURE Total Security and other such security brands offer good protection for free, with the trial versions, as well as with other such mechanisms.
Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) is all set out to make the internet a better place to be at. The social networking site wants to increase the security of the users. The site has brought out mechanisms which have to do with phishing protection, quite recently. The site has also launched phish@fb.com through which users can complain of attempts at phishing. Earlier this year, the site had launched checkpoints run by Malware, and they also operate on a URL blacklist system. This system makes sure that the links are not malicious by nature, double checking them all the time. Facebook said that it wants the site to be a cleaner, safer place.
The site also wants to tell people that the security issue is not just an individual issue, and people should come together and make efforts together, in order to preserve the security of the people. The site, however, said that while they wanted to keep the site clean, they also wanted other parts of the web to be as clean as possible. The company will also be bringing up new tools, which will be launched later. The products which have been generated by the seven partners which the site has acquired, will be evident to everyone soon enough.
After the May IPO, the company, Facebook, has been desperately trying to get back up on its feet. The site has been offering such privileges and practicalities to make the social networking site a safer place for people to come to, and not have to worry about information leaks, or similar situations. 

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