Monday, October 15, 2012

Survey: Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Mobile Sponsored Stories Are Working, Promoted Posts Are Failing

Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) has been successful in maintaining the reliability of its user experience while increasing advertising revenue at the same time through its mobile sponsored stories. However, as per the results of a survey involving more than 750 Facebook users in the US last week, conducted by Sterne Agee, the social networking site’s test of promoted posts is a bust.

Sterne Agee has found that 77% of respondents had not taken note of mobile ads. This means that Facebook’s goal of keeping its mobile sponsored stories subtle and having them merge in to mobile news feed is being met.

Sterne Agee has also found that 54% of the respondents have seen more ads on Facebook in comparison to the situation that was 6 months back. 42% people said that the number of ads was unchanged and 4% said that they were noticing less number of ads.

Sterne Agee’s survey revealed that 61% of respondents felt that the relevance of ads they were coming across was unchanged as it was 6 months back. 22% people said that the relevance had reduced and 17% felt that they were coming across more relevant adverts.

16% people wanted to pay for promoting their posts on Facebook. 45% of people were willing to give Facebook Gifts a shot. 47% of respondents seemed willing to try Facebook search engine. 63% of laptop and desktop users were found to have accessed Facebook once or more each day.

Nearly half the respondents said that they spend the same amount of time they used to spend on Facebook 6 months back. 61% of respondents said that they access Facebook through their mobile phones. 71% women respondents said that they use mobile Facebook apps once or more each day.

Sterne Agee concluded after the survey that the near-term outlook on Facebook still is cloudy, under the present circumstances of transitioning into mobile. He believes that long term opportunities are large. User experience is relatively unaltered, in comparison to what is was like 6 months ago. 

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