Monday, October 15, 2012

EU Might Direct Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) To Change Its Privacy Policy

A new report reveals that EU will ask Google to change privacy policy soon.

As per the report, France’s CNIL will arrange a press conference to charge Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) for violating EU regulations with the change in its privacy policy this year. The report comes from The Guardian, which has quoted reliable sources. Google’s move effectively combines all its privacy policies into a single one. It reportedly violates the EU regulations since it does not offer an option for browsers to its customers in Europe.

Google has been under pressure ever since it had consolidated its many services under one privacy policy. In the process, the company also merged all of the individual information collected on each user across all the services it offers. In an effort to quell unrest, Google stated that the change has been implemented and means no harm to its users.

Google had mentioned at that time that even though it has been collecting more information on a user, it is not planning on violating privacy of any user. It further explained that its new policy is using data to refine and enhance user experience on Google. This is something that the company has been doing since a long time. Google said that it is just trying to make things simpler for its users and it is making efforts to be frank about it.

Shortly after Google declared its chance, privacy lawyers counterattacked by saying that the company’s move is meant to increase the effectiveness of the its advertising. A group of Google users also sued the search engine giant saying that it should have been offered an opt-out option.

Reuters has reported in the weekend that a number of top officials at the US Federal Trade Commission are of the opinion that the agency must report an antitrust case against Google over the likelihood of it using its dominating position to hurt its competitors. 

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